'ICEGOLA', a favorite for all, is a mouth watering summer treat for Indians with shaved ice, topped with different flavors served on stick or in a bowl. Icegola uses crushed ice to make ice balls dipped in a sweetener and colored syrup.

'Kalakhatta' is just one of the hundreds of flavors available. There are conventional fruity ones like orange and mango also. The gola has to be 'slurped' - not eaten or drunk - you have to make the loud slurrrrping noise as you suck in the sweet kalakhatta juice and feel the chill traveling through your throat to your stomach.

Ice Gola

After you have slurped all the colored juice till the ice ball turns white and tasteless, you can come back to the vendor and he'll be happy to pour some more syrup onto the bare snowball. Another pinch and squeeze and you have a repeat experience at no extra cost!

We, at 'CELEBRATIONS' are sure that there is no equivalent of the gola in the western countries, the slush comes closest we think but it is nowhere near the thrill of experiencing this 'DESI' (Indian) gola.

We at Celebrations, use 100% pure mineral water ice cubes for making golas


Cotton Candy, Candy Floss, or Fairy Floss is a form of spun sugar. Eating a cotton candy is often considered as only one part of its allure; the second part is the act of watching it being produced in a machine!!!

'CANDY FLOSS' is very popular, especially at local fairs, circuses and amusement parks. It could also be regularly used for weddings, parties, student events, product launches and exhibitions. This is a product that any age can enjoy. It is quite frequently demanded by the children, and then enjoyed by everyone, from a baby to a grandmother.

Ice Gola

Candy Floss usually made in pink or light blue, are essentially its flavors. The predominant taste is sweet sugar since the cotton candy is almost completely sugar with just a little dye added.

There are also some concerns about the dye commonly used to produce the pink variety. This is an artificial coloring called tartrazine, which in a 2008 study conducted by a research team at Southampton University in England, was shown to have potentially dangerous effects on children.

We, at 'CELEBRATIONS' supply Candy Floss without any color and are available in various packages ranging from small servings for small events to unlimited servings for large events.


Add to the festive atmosphere of Birthdays, Dinner Parties and Holiday Gatherings with this easy-to-use chocolate fountain. This retro-styled 'Chocolate Fondue Fountain' pure indulgence.

Use your imagination!!!!

You can dip strawberries, candies, mint sticks, marshmallows, grapes, orange slices, pretzels, cherries, biscotti, cookies, bread sticks, wafers, donuts etc... into this cascading curtain of warm melted chocolate.

You can also add liqueurs for sophisticated flavors for an adult party.

Ice Gola

Chocolate has always been a crowd pleaser. Take advantage of the growing popularity of gourmet chocolate with the most spectacular chocolate fountain. A Chocolate fountain is a unique way to accent any party, catered event or dessert buffet. In fact, the chocolate fountain can be used at just about any event where you are looking to amaze guests, attract attention, or make a lasting impression.

Chocolate travels up the tower, then cascades over each tier, giving you a delicious dipping experience. 'Perfect for the Kids Birthday Party!'

But most importantly, when you order for a chocolate fountain from CELEBRATIONS, you can rest assured knowing we will be there to help and guide you through "The Ultimate Chocolate Experience".

With our chocolate fountain we strive to provide a memorable, stress free and delightful experience for you and your guests. From your initial enquiry through, to our presence at your event, Chocolate Fondue Fountain will deliver an outstanding level of service

We provide Chocolate Fondue Machines on rental basis as per the clients' requirements.


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