Printed Balloons

Printed latex balloons add a personalized touch to any occasion or event. The printed balloons that we provide are known for their quality, consistency, reliability and elegance. Custom printed latex or rubber balloons with your logo or design really add an extra tint of glow to your event. A great giveaway, special promotion, or a unique way to draw attention - all custom printed with your advertising slogan, logo and/or contact information. If you wish to raise your company profile, increase awareness of a specific product or simply just to deliver a message in a way your competitors haven't thought of, then balloon display may just be the solution!

Balloons may be released for many different occasions, for example:
To mark the end of a school year; to launch a new business; to celebrate a milestone birthday or a marriage; to celebrate someone's life and so on.
Custom printed latex balloons are made of 100% natural, biodegradable latex and are available in regular sizes and can be printed on either one or two sides.

Total price of the printing includes:
All set-up and screen charges
Custom printed regular sized latex balloons
Standard Ink Colors (Black, Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Pink)
Single Color Imprinting available on one side with minimum of 500 balloons or two sides with minimum of 1000 balloons.
No ink changes on Less than 500 balloons (for example, if you want red balloons with white ink, and white balloons with red ink...This would cost one ink change charge for every 500 balloons)

We can print your balloons to fit your exact specifications and requirements.

All printing is done at 'Celebrations' by highly experienced staff which insures all work is done to a high standard. Whether you require a Custom Birthday Message, Wedding or Advertising your Company Logo, our balloons can serve your needs with a fast turnaround and quality latex biodegradable balloons. The minimum lead time required for balloon printing would be 5 working days.

Floating Gas Balloons:
Hydrogen the most commonly used gas to make balloons float. It is lighter than air so when balloons are filled with hydrogen, they rise upwards. Filling your balloons with hydrogen is perfect for promotional events as well as for creating attractive balloon decorations. However, since hydrogen easily explodes and is highly flammable, it was eventually replaced by helium and although hydrogen had one-tenth more lifting power, helium was much safer. Helium is a non-toxic, not-flammable, inert gas that occurs naturally in the air we breathe and is also found underground.

For lots more information about gas cylinders to hire, buy, filling capacities, instructions for use, etc., please contact our office.

Balloon Decorations:
Kids have different desires and aspirations to make their birthdays special. That's the reason they expect a lot from their parents. Thus, it becomes the major responsibility of parents to plan such a wonderful birthday bash for their kids, which can be memorable ever.

Balloons can highlight almost any kind of event. They can bring a lot of joy to children's parties and can also serve as an excellent publicity. Balloons are also, by their nature, eye catching and can easily make a place unforgettable. Balloons are even more memorable when the compositions are made by professionals that match the colors you require ensuring a fully co-ordinate theme with balloon pearl arches, balloon pillars, balloon trees, balloon clusters, table balloon decorations and center pieces with bows and many more. We offer any type of balloon decorations for any type of special events, be it a small balloon arch for a party in your house or awe-inspiring balloon sculpture for a convention. We provide Balloon Decoration for all kinds of occasions like birthdays, weddings, receptions, parties etc.


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